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About Us
HNH Staffing Solutions has a team of seasoned recruiting, staffing, accounts payable, receivables, and billing professionals dedicated to providing a great customer experience to fulfill your business needs.
Mission Statement:
Our mission is to maintain a relationship in the staffing industry with our customers as a company that is customer service focused. We consider every contact person we service on a daily basis a customer from our associates to our clients. Humble Health care Resources, Inc. will continuously  measure our services against the recommendations we receive from our customers and, contribute our success to the way we are able to Humble ourselves in business to provide an exceptional service to the staffing industry.
Roslyn D. Kirton - President and Founder of Humble Healthcare Resources, Inc.
23 Years of providing customer satisfaction in the work force.
Over 21 years of experience in providing supplemental staffing.
Past Performance experience to include three start up locations for national medical staffing companies.
Federal, State, Local and Private sector experience, ex: VA, NIH, NRC, NOAA, DHS. DC. Government.
Operations Management
Direct Placements
Health care Professionals
Administrative Support Services
 IT Professionals
Direct Placements
Charlotte NC. 
Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM
Sat:  After hours on Call Coordinator
Sun: After hours on Call Coordinator